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Have all content types on one channel, monetize with subscriptions or single sales, grow your communities with NFTs and tokenomics.

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Sell any type of digital content

Sell articles and Ebooks

Sell videos live events and courses.

Sell exclusive audio and podcasts.

Offer content for free and receive gifts and donations through them.

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Sell memberships and subscriptions

Offer text, video and audio content on the same channel, for single subscription price.

Give better and immersive experiences to your community with video and audio livestreams.

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For organizations and Nonprofits

Organize text, audio and video content on the same channel for your community to find and interact with.

Receive donations from anywhere in USD and NGN, get paid out easily.

Host virtual conferences and live events.

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Power up your Youtube with Flok.

Increase your views.

Sell access to private youtube videos.

Increase your discoverability.

Add polls on your videos and collect feedback from your audience.

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For Coaches and Teachers

Host live classes and sessions.

Have all your text, audio and video resource materials on the same channel.

Create tests and mini-assessments using Flok Polls.

Go beyond sales; receive gifts and tips from grateful students.

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Show your work and receive support

Share your Flok Showcase link (your very own mini website which displays your content on Flok.)

Share your Flok gifting link to receive support from your community in USD, GBP and NGN.

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Sell globally

Receive payments in USD , GBP and NGN ; Get paid-out locally.

Get social

Use Flok social tools to keep your community engaged and coming back. (Shown to improve earnings by 42%.)


Start selling digital content and live events for as low as 10 cents.



Create competitive virtual events with Flok Challenges.

Challenges are live events a community can pool a reward, for any competition they want to watch.

From rap battles between favourite artistes, to a cook-off between favourite chefs; anything can be a Flok challenge.


Scale with Web 3.0.

Mint NFTs

Engage your communities by minting NFTs connected to the content they love. Share your success with loyal fans with airdrops.

Trade NFTs

Fans can buy and sell NFTs of creators they are passionate about.

Use NFTs in your community

Reward passionate fans with access to exclusive live streams, content and discounts when they buy and hold your NFTs.

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