Distribute your content, create NFTs, and grow your communities

Flok helps creators grow using web 3, change how they distribute content, and give a more immersive community experience to their fans and followers.

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A personalized way to distribute content

Create custom and immersive experiences for your community without moving across platforms

All your content in

One Place

From newsletters to

Live Streams


A digiverse can contain one or more types of content set by the creator, as well as hosting live streams


A digiverse can be monetized with user subscriptions or be made access free to access with specific items in it for sale


Creators can work together and co-create content on a digiverse for their communities of fans and followers


Create NFTs for your community

Easy tokenization of your content is now within reach
Minting NFTs
Any creator can mint an NFT of their work, sell on the flok marketplace, or airdrop to Fans. They can also setup smart contracts to get returns each time an NFT is re-traded
Trading NFTs
Fans can buy and sell NFTs of creators they are passionate about
Using NFTs in Your Community
Creators use NFTs as a community token for access to exclusive content and live streams on a digiverses.

What's in it for Flok?

We charge 15% on every sale
Flok is made for

  • Religious Orgs.
  • Writers
  • Journalists
  • Film Makers
  • Gamers
  • Musicians
  • All Creators